Startups Incubator nurture the young Startup Owners and Provide Tools to test and Consult their Ideas and build the Capacity of Entrepreneurs to manage their Business in a Professional manner as well as help the Startups with finance 10% to 20% of the Equity Share and organize Workshops ,Seminars and Meet Ups with Successful Entrepreneurs and plays the role of Platform to Connect the Idea Makers with Idea Supporters means Startups with Angel Investors and powering up Startups with funds and Capacity to run the Startups Successfully . The Detailed Blog post regarding the Incubation and incubators‘ role has already appeared on StartUps Pro,Inc . There are several Incubators and Startups accelerators but we are discussing only three best startup incubators which have the highest number of Portfolio companies .


1. : Headquartered San Fransico , Y Combinater is the biggest Startup Incubator and Accelerator . The biggest Startup Companies such as DropBox. Reddit, DisQus ,WePay , AirbnB and Scribd are the just Few Prominent names in their biggest Portfolio . They have founded reportely over 700 Startups and they are running successfully powered by YCombinator accelerator Team . Y Combinater is maintaining its quality and influence among Startup Incubators and Accelerators . Ranked as Gold Level as per the survey conducted by Two professors Hochberg and her colleague, Professor Susan Cohen of the University of Richmond and the Batten Institute at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business. They used the basic information from CrunchBase website . The total Valuation of the Company has been estimated $30 Billion Dollars as per their website . Y Combinater also provides seed funding to the Startups in launching phase. : Techstars is the growing Startups Incubator and Accelerator which provides $118,000 in seed funding to the Startups , imparts intensive mentorship having an amazing network of mentors . The Seed funding is about for 7-10% equity in the Startup Companies . The Company has huge stake in the portfolio companies . The Prominent among the startups include Accountable , Ads native ,AdsTruc , AdYapper, BriteHub , Contently, Grove, Squirrel and WorkMob etc . The List of Portfolio companies is too large as TechStars have acquired several Startups to boost their Portfolio . TechStars has become the Leading Seed Funding Provider , Startup up Incubator and Accelerator .

3.Excelerate labs : Excelerate labs is ranked third as per above mentioned Survey as per the statistics of the company . According to policy they only Select 10 Startups from the 100s of Startup application and train the selected Startups for three months in Modules such as First Month is fixed for Mentor Immersion , The Second Month is for Business Acceleration and third Month is for Finance Crash Course & Demo Day Preparation . Finally the Startups are showcased to 500 Investors and attract the prospective investors if the startups attracted those investors . Some of the Portfolio Companies include alltuition , Fango, Food Genius,Goshi,SpotHero and Scholar Pro . They invest in portfolio companies upto $25,000 each in exchange for 6% common stock in the Startups .

There are Several Startup Incubator and Accelerator Companies but we have discussed only Top three Incubators that have the largest Portfolio Startups Globally . The other Prominent Incubators include Higland Capital , Dream It Ventures ,Boom Startup and Launchpad . Startups can Business Directories to search Regional or Local Startup Incubators and Accelerators who provide Seed Funding and Mentoring to build the capacity of Startups .