Entrepreneurs always start their small business companies on their own where as some lucky Entrepreneurs be able to attract some investors or venture Capital firms backing to fund their startup companies . They strive hard to get success in giving their best to satisfy the customers who use their services or products related to their interests .
Most of the Entrepreneurs start without financial planning or Strategic planning to pursue the route to Success . Success does come with expressions but the success depends upon the Policy and plan the startups owners have framed for their Small business . Several startup owners complain that they failed to produced anticipated results . Their failure is not due to their execution but it has many factors involved which cause the Startups to fail . The Following five points will help the budding Entrepreneurs in achieving their desired goals which were set in the business plan before the official launch of the Small Business company.
1.Planning and Development: Planning is the key to success as it creates a professional working environment where as untrained or amateurs will be headache for the Entrepreneurs who may be managing staffing ,monitoring productivity and bearing the operational and Administrative costs . Engaging outsourced employees will help bring down the human resource costs or even the entrepreneurs can engage Human Resource Consultants for staffing and training .
2.Financing and Budgeting: Funding is considered the lifeline for Small business companies as the startups need funding at every stage be it Business plan Development , Infrastructure Development , Administrative costs ,Rent or Utility Expenses , taxes and other miscellaneous costs and the staff development through training , bonuses , innovation ,hiring and Expansion . Keeping a bank deposits and saving money will enable the entrepreneurs to face any crisis coming in their way as sometimes companies need advertising ,marketing of new products or services to beat the competition .
3.Performance Management ,Evaluation : The CEO or entrepreneurs should have proper employees Performance management policy so that the management should be able to identify the good and lazy employees through HR unit so that recommendations from HR Manager should be given weight age in hiring ,capacity building or firing of the employees on the basis of performance evaluation and packages should be fixed on the basis of such performance evaluation .Specially , the staff working in sales Department must encouraged and imparted training to help enhance their capacity to increase companies sales . Because increase in Sales mean increase in profits .
4.Quality Control ,Improvement : The Entrepreneurs must maintain ISO certification and other related accreditation to keep their products at par with those of international standards . Because customers always choose the product or service which is of Standard . The improvements may be made in the service or products with features ,skills .
5.Branding and Innovation : Branding is the key to become a best company . The brands become your identity if you have made the quality based products . People may know your startup Company with name of service or product existing in the market with excessive demand having an economical price . lastly , the innovation in product development or service delivery so that the customers will have smiling face while shopping your products . The online shopping store will also add flare to the startups business and it will earn revenue from global community .
If the Entrepreneurs integrate about five points and run their small business company as per the recommendations made above , they will have profitable business within months not to speak of years provided that they take care of funding ,staffing ,branding ,innovation , price determination ,quality and standard management and a dedicated and hardworking sales team .