Advertising for the Big Bloggers and Blogs is just like Oxygen since they live their life on sponsored Ads and posts. There are many Bloggers, who use either self-served Service for monetizing their inventory or use Adsense or any other CPM, CPC or CPA based Network to control their Property of Blog spaces reserved for advertising.

Self-served Ads are often difficult to be placed since you have to place the Advertiser ads on the empty spots of your web or Blog. You will also be facing the Payment and duration challenges for the ads displayed on your blogs. Keeping in view such problems, has come to these Bloggers Rescue which offers the automated Solution to all of your challenges and puts you at complete peace of Mind. has powered over 3000 Blogs to sell their inventory to prospective Buyers or Advertisers has great navigation and very simple steps needed to create your account and submit your property free of Cost. reviews the submitted Blogs or webs and approves the high trafficked Blogs to their network and after Approval give you the ad to place on the ad inventory mostly 125 x125 Ads but now they also accept more ad formats.

How works: The Prospective buyer or Advertiser has two options to buy ads from your website. Either clicking on Advertise here banners on your blog or searching your blog according to relevant Advertisement. The Process of buying, accounting and ad posting is done automatically. The Advertiser can post their banners for a month but they also have the option to rebuy the same ad slots.

Payments: The Bloggers or website owners are always at rest. They collect their earnings when they reach $50 from the after deduction of the percentage.

Upside: The most important and favourable thing for bloggers is that has an automated solution to selling your ad inventory, collecting money and setting durations and paying money. The Bloggers have no headache of engaging in financial matters.

Downside: only accepts high trafficked website or blogs but low traffic websites or blogs are always left at the mercy of traditional ad networks such as Adsense, Adbrite etc. Secondly, Buysellads directory is not categorized which makes it difficult for the Advertiser to select the right blog for the Advertisement.

Future Trends and Analysis: is already the leader in direct ad selling and it is analyzed from its success that it will become the market leader and its monopoly will remain for a long time until someone stronger may break its monopoly from the ad market.