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Advertising for the Big Bloggers and Blogs is just like Oxygen since they live their life on sponsored Ads and posts. There are many Bloggers, who use either self-served Service for monetizing their inventory or use Adsense or any other CPM, CPC or CPA based Network to control their Property of Blog spaces reserved for advertising.

Self-served Ads are often difficult to be placed since you have to place the Advertiser ads on the empty spots of your web or Blog. You will also be facing the Payment and duration challenges for the ads displayed on your blogs. Keeping in view such problems, has come to these Bloggers Rescue which offers the automated Solution to all of your challenges and puts you at complete peace of Mind. has powered over 3000 Blogs to sell their inventory to prospective Buyers or Advertisers has great navigation and very simple steps needed to create your account and submit your property free of Cost. reviews the submitted Blogs or webs and approves the high trafficked Blogs to their network and after Approval give you the ad to place on the ad inventory mostly 125 x125 Ads but now they also accept more ad formats.

How works: The Prospective buyer or Advertiser has two options to buy ads from your website. Either clicking on Advertise here banners on your blog or searching your blog according to relevant Advertisement. The Process of buying, accounting and ad posting is done automatically. The Advertiser can post their banners for a month but they also have the option to rebuy the same ad slots.

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Payments: The Bloggers or website owners are always at rest. They collect their earnings when they reach $50 from the after deduction of the percentage.

Upside: The most important and favourable thing for bloggers is that has an automated solution to selling your ad inventory, collecting money and setting durations and paying money. The Bloggers have no headache of engaging in financial matters.

Downside: only accepts high trafficked website or blogs but low traffic websites or blogs are always left at the mercy of traditional ad networks such as Adsense, Adbrite etc. Secondly, Buysellads directory is not categorized which makes it difficult for the Advertiser to select the right blog for the Advertisement.

Future Trends and Analysis: is already the leader in direct ad selling and it is analyzed from its success that it will become the market leader and its monopoly will remain for a long time until someone stronger may break its monopoly from the ad market.

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PTCL goes solar to conserve energy for a green Pakistan



Islamabad, December 12, 2019: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL), in its endeavour to support the Clean Green Pakistan Movement, has initiated a comprehensive project to install latest solar power systems to conserve energy and support environmental preservation at its Headquarter, regional offices and exchanges across Pakistan.

Under this initiative, more than 700 PTCL facilities have been converted so far on solar solution across Pakistan. As part of expanding solar footprint to big installations, a 180KW solar system is deployed at PTCL HQs.

Saad Muzaffar Waraich, Chief Technology & Information Officer, PTCL, said, “As a national company, we are very proud of our initiatives on protecting the environment and reducing the carbon footprint in the country. With the deployment of solar power systems at PTCL, we have a safe alternative to produce energy that can replace current fossil fuels like coal and gas for generation of electricity and reduce air, water, and land pollution, while reducing our dependence on the grid.”

Under the Clean Green Movement, PTCL has collaborated with WWF-Pakistan for plantation of mangrove seeds in Baluchistan and PTCL HQ is also declared a Green Office certified by WWF. In order to tackle issues of low forest cover and poor cleanliness in urban & rural areas of Pakistan, the company has also collaborated with Ministry of Climate Change, whereby, plantation of 200,000 trees is underway at PTCL sites in next five years. To go paperless and save trees, PTCL is providing its customers the option to avail eBilling facility through PTCL website, Touch App and Helpline 1218.

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Being a national company, PTCL is playing its role to save the environment and contribute to a greener Pakistan.

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5 Five Reasons Why We all love The Internet for Startups and Enterprises



Internet is a very useful source  for  everyone since it is the  only source we are addicted to on a daily basis and surprisingly, it is the very source which keeps us updated  in every field of  Study be Science, Mathematics, Life Sciences, Engineering, robotics, Web Designing and Development, the Blogging, Email Communication and  Social Media . Millions of People around the world use the internet to get Knowledge about various topics either familiar or unfamiliar.

Today we are going to discuss the five reasons that attract us to keep hooked to the Wonderful World of  Information that has made our world a  Global village  -the Internet.

1.Easy, Convenient and Effective

The Internet is very easy to access through multiple sources either through Wired or Wireless Networks, Mobile Phone 3G or 4G  or  USB dongle or  MiFi Devices easily available in the Market. It is convenient for all to use the internet in any part of the world just with the click of the button. You can have it in any network enabled device and benefit from the great pool of resources it Offers to the common man. The Online  Marketing and Advertising has helped people to scale their business to larger Audience.

2. Conveying Your Messages or Communication

The Internet has brought revolution in communication technology and Now you can send and receive  Multimedia  Messages and even have  Textual or Video chat with your relatives and Friends throughout the World. The Live Video experience is a very thrilling experience for everybody. You can make IP calls to any person with just click button.

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3.Online Shopping Stores or e-Commerce

The Online  Shopping has become very easier  Thanks to various E-Stores such as eBay,,, , .etc .  The people have the convenience of shopping online using a PC, a laptop, Tablet or Smartphone.  The  Android and  IOS  application have played a vital role in making it happen for all and for  Pakistan in particular. People order various items of daily use, electronics, Books, Stationery and  Even medicines and these items are delivered directly to the doorstep.

4. Web Hosting, Domains, Websites and Blogging

The  Web Hosting and Domains are considered as  Internet Real Estate  Company where you need web hosting space and the Internet identity – the domain to be located through  URL  (Universal Resources Locator). After Purchasing, you can either develop a Website, a  Forum or a Blog to share your Word with the world. The Blogs such as Mashable, TechCrunch,,,, RemoteWorkTips.Pro , Educator. space  ,,   and are the great  Inspiraton for  All. That’s why everybody loves the Internet because it has opened great vistas of Opportunities.

5.Freelance Marketplaces, Freelancing and  Payments

The Internet has provided the people with the opportunity to work from home as Writer, Editor, Proofreader, Designer or  Web Developer or Virtual Assistant. Thanks to Sites such LinkedIn Profinder,,,, and Freelancers have quitted their 9 to 5 jobs and started working from home and now earning Higher Revenue with ease of their time working from  PC  or Laptop or Even Tablet or Smartphone.

The  Freelance Marketplaces provide the  Platform to both Buyers and Sellers (Freelancers) to connect and get the tasks done easily online. The Internet has also brought revolutionary and innovative challenges in electronic funds Transfers and E-currency. The  Payments Solution providers such as Skrill, Stripe, Paypal, Payoneer and others have revolutionized the payment gateways. Even banks issue Credit and Debit cards which can be used both at online and at ATMs.

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So, readers! these were the same reasons that we love using the internet for  Social Networking and Communication Needs. We can also quench our multimedia and  Internet resources for Knowledge and  Research work. So we all fans of the Internet believe that the Internet should be free from all type of interference or  Censure as  It fulfils the People’s Queries and brings a Smile on the faces of  People and our hearts beat with the Internet Access throughout the World.

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Website Reviews: : Revenue Streams to Get Paid every 30 Seconds



There  are  many  Ad networks  which claim to be  the best  in the industry when it comes  for the  revenue generation for the Bloggers, website owners  or Publishers   but very of  them  prove  to be  of  any benefit to the people  who are  looking for  to  monetize their ad  inventory for  their  content-rich blogs, social networks and  constantly  visited  websites  .

Mostly People  rely on  Text  or  banner Display  Networks  but  some also  go  for  in text adverting  or  Affiliate marketing  . Today  , we  are going to review  an Exclusive Adverting  website  which pays  its  members  by viewing the  Ads  on the website . Its  really amazing since  it does not need  any Blog or website  to  put some  ads  for  display .There  are  many features  of  attraction from lets  explore  them  .

 Features :  There are  many features  for both  members and  Advertisers  . The  Members  can register free and  get paid  by viewing the  websites  for  just 30 Seconds  . The  Advertisers  also  advertise  full page  ads  at very cheap rates  from the ways  the  Offers . The  members  can view  Ads  as  free  member  and  can earn more  if  they upgrade  their  account to premium level  .  Members can play  games  , register  domains or  even do  some  affiliate  income  .

 Payments  : Clixsense  Pays  the  members  by four  ways  which include  PayPal  , Alertpay  , Liberty Reserve  and  Cheque  , The  members are  also win cash through prizes  . Similar  the  Advertiser  pay  Clixsense  through Credit cards or  Paypal  . It is  very easy  to pay and get paid  at Clixsense . The  Advertisers  are  protected  trough  Strong Anti-Cheat Protection.

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Pros :  The Clixsense is great place   for  those  who do not have  any Blog or  website to  earn great revenue  from  just  viewing  Ads  for  only  30 Seconds . The payments are  said to be guaranteed  .

 Cons :  The  Click fraud  issues  may be  numerous and  people  also question  the  reliability of  PTC  websites  since  many cases  of  Payment has been  reported  . Secondly  ,  Clixsense  must have  a  publisher feature  so that members  could  display ads  for their  Blogs and  Websites.

Future Trends and Analysis . From the  popularity of , it is  analyses  on the based  of  revenue as  well as  its  growing membership  that will be  most  successful website in future and  its  revenue will cross  in millions  as  the  pace  it  is  going on  . But one thing the  Clixsense  must consider  seriously  which may  cause  problems  Click Frauds and payments policy as  Any violation payment or  click policy may  drown  them .

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