Backlinks always help grow startups for delivering services. The Backlinks are created in many ways and this is the cheapest and free tool to market your services to wider customers as Backlinks take the search ranking to a higher place. The Backlinks can define as the feedback links.

Means whenever you visit any popular blog, read the most commented or popular blog post , you leave your feedback as feedback form asks about your email, website and name that means you are not just commenting but instead your are marking your company as most search engine value such feedback and experts call these links as Backlinks .

It will be a Free page ranking tool since links could become some time cashlinks if the readers go through such links and reach your site through that comment. Moreover, Forum Posts and article marketing is also another type of Marketing which really drives traffic and lands them virally on your business site thus increasing your page impression and unique visitors at the same time.

You can also take Backlinks through free classified boards and thus increase your revenue chances. Backlinks also made through the review such blogs which advise customers regarding the services being offered by certain companies and after reading the honest and researched reviews the visitors are directed to visit the site and the visitors find some services or products worthwhile could turn into customers.

Blogs such as,,,, or sites review five to 15 startups along with the entrepreneurs thus increase chances for your revenues and number of visits each day as these Startups publish articles and review startups business sites direct visitors to your portal. Thus creating a great many Backlinks or direct links for you.