Federal Cabinet in its meeting held on Tuesday accorded approval to proposal for structural and organizational reforms of Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations and Coordination. Cabinet noting that restructuring the Ministry was essential to fulfill the Government’s vision and mission in the health approved correction of imbalance in technical and administrative positions from existing 80 percent staff having no health background to 70 percent technical staff and 30 percent administrative positions.

In keeping with international best practices, the Cabinet accorded approval in principle to change of name of the Ministry to Ministry of Health and Population. As part of the reform, a completely new organogram has been created, keeping in view key positions are filled by technical experts alongside civil servants in high administrative positions that will foster an enabling role for the ministry to function effectively and transparently.

Accompanying this reform, a new service for health among the cadres of civil services of Pakistan was approved by the Cabinet. This service will train civil servants for the newly reformed MNHSRC, further increasing performance and sustainability of the ministry to accomplish its tasks.