Coronavirus Pandemic has brought catastrophe in the world impacting all the industries and has caused economic slowdown throughout the world in all the major continents who are thickly populated such as Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.

The novel coronavirus originating from Wuhan China in December 2019  has spread to all the regions of the world and caused lockdowns as a preventive measure to limit its spread as there is no vaccine to cure this viral disease other than just go in self or social isolation as per World Health Organization Experts advice.

Though human trials have been started by some  Pharmaceutical companies the experts are of the view that it may take one and half year to be available in the market and estimated to be the costliest vaccine ever keeping in view its global implications and rapid speed of spread in the world.

At present  China, Italy, Spain, America and  Iran are worst hit by this where the death rate was reported 4%  t0 7% while it is much lower in other parts of the world.

Given the lockdowns and limitations on gatherings of more than 4, it has paralyzed the world economy with stocks crashing and showing the negative trend that is alarming as the figures of unemployment and close of Businesses jump high in US, UK, Italy, Spain, France, China, Middle East  Region, India and Pakistan where the people are restricted to their houses and there is a complete lockdown.

Several Industries are worst impacted by these global lockdowns and Travel restrictions yet the following industries have completely been shut down and employees are being laid off.


Education has been   the worst affected Industry because without education we cannot develop and create awareness among the masses. The Schools, Colleges and Universities have been shut over the fears of this pandemic leaving the students at the panicking situation to deal with. Though some institutes have started online education it is not as interactive as a formal Education in classes.

#Airline and Travel

Airline and  Travel Industry has been severely impacted as  all the planes have been grounded by all the airline companies and laying off some staff as most of Asian, African and European have imposed  Travel bans and people stranded in various countries have no other choice but to stay there until the covid-19 Pandemic may be brought under control if WHO  introduces any drug to this incurable disease.

# Restaurant, Food Franchise,  Hotel and Motel

The people have lost their charm to travel and stay at luxury hotels to enjoy their vacations, Trips and Business Meetings all have been overshadowed with Covid-19 Fears and have completely shut down as preventive measures to avoid Mass gatherings.

The  Food Franchises such as  KFC, McDonald’s, Dunken Donuts, Subway, Pizzahut, Burger King etc which were the best choice of people living in Metro cities have been closed for an indefinite period over the sudden outbreak of covid -19. They have born the loss of millions  during this global lockdown as  these have global presence

#Cold Drinks, Ice Cream and Mineral Water 

Adults and children loved eating cold drinks, Ice Creams and Milkshakes during the  hot days when temperatures rose to cool themselves  but now the WHO and Other  Health Experts advise  people to use  hot items to stop the Covid-19 outbreak as per  research  Cold items have more  chances of contracting Novel coronavirus over hot items, therefore, Health experts strongly advise  consuming  hot items including water as cold water may cause the spread of the Virus. The lockdown and preventive measures cause loss of millions to this industry especially the people associated with the sector.

#Sports, News & Media, Entertainment and Services Industry

The  Sports the industry has been heavily hit as it involves mass gatherings as spectators. All the sporting events have been suspended, series and Leagues have been rescheduled and big events such as  PSL, IPL, FIFA  World Cup, Olympics Games and others have been completely cancelled raising concerns among the players. Even the players are facing the trauma having travel history to the epicentre of Covid-19 Pandemic and tested positive .

The Entertainment industry has been heavily impacted as all the dramas, Films and comedy shooting and recording has been postponed till indefinite period and all the events including concerts have cancelled due to covid-19 and actors have lost the source of living.

The services industry especially the skilled and non-skilled have been subjected to starvation as all the roadside small business such as Hair Cutting Salons, Cobblers, Gold and blacksmith shops, Electricians, Booksellers, daily wages workers and Masons have lost their living owing to lockdowns globally.

Unfortunately, Governments have not done anything for providing any relief package for these daily wages workers who have no other source of Income. Some philanthropists and NGOs are working to provide rationing and Financial support to these underprivileged segments of the society.

Finally, the Print and Electronic  Media are partially impacted  though they are a very vulnerable community as they have been busy in coverage of the pandemic around the world and are prone to contracting the deadly virus due to close contact with Patients at Quarantine Centres and the Health specialists working at the hospital and temporary health centres specially set up for an emergency.

The Print Media has been hit hard as people consider it risky to read a Print copy of newspapers over covid-19 fears and prefer epaper or online edition of the newspapers. Hence, such a trend has impacted the Newspaper  Sales badly.

On the other hand, electronic media such as News Channels, Radio and Digital Media such as Websites, YouTube are grabbing people’ attention. The Social Media is also buzzing with Covid-19 updates though  Social Media and Silicon Valley companies have asked their employees to work from home and follow the preventive measures these include Twitter, Yahoo, Facebook, Microsoft and Search Giant  Google.