Startups changing the world with the innovations in every type of business . The Entrepreneurs around the World have gathered to rock the World with their innovative ideas . When world is inclined to change then Pakistan cannot be an exception . The Entrepreneurs like Asad Omar and man behind the source of inspiration and CEO of Naseeb Networks , Mr Moonis Rahman have already left the world How a Developing country like Pakistan could tap the resources and Entrepreneurs who are doing wonders in their fields.

There are several reasons for the inspiration of Pakistani Entrepreneurs to come up with innovative ideas and help build the Small Business Company that fuel the Economy of Pakistan at large . let’s see what inspired the Pakitreneurs to emerge on the pages of Inc , Forbes and Entrepreneurs Magazines .

1.Business & Management Institutes :

The Business Institutes such IBA Karachi , Lums , IBA Sukkur , KITE , KSBL etc have nurtured the business graduates and their entrepreneurial institutes have brought out the creative genie among them and provided them with the platform to create ideas and turn them into reality through incubation and acceleration Centers Such asLUMS center of Entrepreneurship , The Center for Entrepreneurial Development (CED) -IBA Karachi are some of the prominent centers where business graduates are groomed and Ideas are turned into reality through trainings and Grants .

 2.Global Startups Impact :

Startups such as Amazon ,Mashable , , Google ,Inc , yahoo, MicroSoft etc have really played the key role to attract the young Entrepreneurs . Their Sales , Marketing ,Finance and profit details prompted the Entrepreneurs including Pakistani Entrepreneurs to start their own E-Businesses .

3.Government-backed Incubation Centers :

Finally , Offical launch of Plan9 & Plan X has surfaced . Plan9 is the Pakistan’s first technology startup incubation program which is being run by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB). Plan9 is the greatest Program to provide space, mentor ship, electricity (yes, electricity), and legal support for startups who are incubated. Like Business institutes IBA ,LUMS , Plan 9 & Plan X have attracted the Youth and they (youth) successfully launched their Startups .

 4.Private or Independent Incubators :

Before the Official launch of Government backed incubators ,there were only the Private Sector or Independent incubators who really fueled the Startups and helped the entrepreneurs to Start their business . There are Several Independent incubators but the prominent incubators are : Ivest to innovate I2I is the great Incubator having Startups Savaree , Dheere etc .Net I/O P@SHA’s Incubator supported by Global partners such as Google for Entrepreneurs .

5.The Smartphone Market and Broadband Revolution :

Pakistanis are lucky to have 3G and 4G Spectrums at last . The Next generation Internet Services have transformed the nation and the focus has been shifted to the Technology Driven Startups , IOS and Android APPs etc . With rising demand of Smartphones Android and IOS , Startups have already started reaping the benefits and the figure is expected to go up as the time goes by and with permission from Google Play store to allow Wallet accounts for Pakistani to Sell their APPs globally . With over 14 crore Mobile phone users , the figure is go up and will facilitate the the Small business Investors to reap benefits as 3G and 4G grounds all over Pakistan in next couple of years .

It is high time for Government specially the Ministry of IT and Telecom at Federal Level and IT departments at Provincial , Division and District Level to devise policies to help boost Startup culture and Establish Business Incubation and Acceleration Centers to encourage young Entrepreneurs of Colleges and universities or Even Schools to Turn their Dream into reality and help the country in Economic Development , Eradication of Poverty and Unemployment .The Startups will help in creating jobs and contribute to Social and Economic Development .