Ideas change the whole scenario and unlock the streams of Profits if implemented with due care and Professionalism. Business Community always appears to be keen to either invest directly or become angel investors in the startup Companies. But the question is very difficult to be answered that who the investors are and where they are . These Questions revolve in every Idea Creator or Entrepreneur all over the world. Even after the launch of Startups , the Small Business Owners fails due to lack of creativity, capacity in managing their Business and very poor Networking to interact and get the expert opinions, Do Market Research before entry into certain marketers .

How to judge the capacity of the competitors and the level of brand life cycle . These trivial matters always surround the young entrepreneurs during their brainstorming phase or planning phase .The Startup Incubation is best solution to queries and where startups get empowered , energized and Networked to Investors . The Following reason will clarify why startup needs to apply for Startup Incubators .

1.Training and Capacity Building : At startups Incubation centers , the Entrepreneurs or Idea Makers under go a rigorous training based on their Business Nature , theme and Targets . They also run the techniques of how to run the Startups successfully following the Foot prints of the Established Business Founders . They can also take expert opinions from Business Consultants, Business Planners , Legal Experts and Marketing Gurus and Learn the techniques to super charge their Startups and the ways to transform their Startups into Money Making or Profitable businesses. The Startup Owners or Teams may undergo training for three to four months and come up with great Ideas and Skills .

2.Get Seed Funding : Incubators help the Entrepreneurs to seek funding for their Ideas mostly 10% to 20 % of the Total investment and give the lifeline to the selected Startups as Startup Incubators specify the Sectors in which they work with Startups and build their Technical Expertise along with Financial ability to help them concentrate on building great teams and Staff to make it operational in a professional manner .

3.Legal Assistance and Awareness : Startup Incubators also help the Startup owners to have knowledge of company regulation laws or Laws related their business where the company would be headquartered which may be the steps involved in registration of Company as LLC , Limited Company , Corporation etc . They also provide legal opinion of Startup and its legitimacy and the Process involved before launch . Legal Experts also helping drafting Company laws , Policies , Contract Documents , Share Holder terms of engagement and Stock Market registration process.

4.Networking with Investors: The Best thing for Startups would be the Networking. Startups Incubators help connect the prospective Angel investors to the Startup Owners thus smooth the way of Startups to pitched successful without financial constraints which may hamper or affect their growth since funds help startups to stand against all odds and challenges popping up time to time . Networking with Co-Startup owner will also help the startups lean from one another and Exchange Ideas or engage in group discussion which may assist in removing your fears of failing or clarify any doubts in your mind regarding the proposed Business.

5.Tools ,Space & Sessions: Startup Incubators besides providing you fund also equip you with tools , Internet access, Computers and Space to turn your Red into Black means turning your Ideas into Words and discuss with startup Mentors , Experts and Fellow Entrepreneurs. Attend Workshops, Summit, Meetups and Polish your Personality and turn a new leaf with the pursuit of an Entrepreneurial career. You also interact in live sessions and present the Ideas before the Startup owners and get inspiration from the Successful Entrepreneurs.

Startup Incubators house over a dozen Startups for incubation service. The world has got bigger Incubation centers for Startups which may house thousands of Startups. Some virtual Incubators can house up to millions provided that startups must match with their sectors such as Internet-based or ICT based Startups.