Startups owners are mostly unaware of their online Importance and register cheaper domains such as .info or XYZ etc which are not meant for business but they are best suited to Startup blogs or information sites.
But there are many new domain Extensions which are very helpful and give your Startup maximum boost and visibility. In this post, we will discuss why.Com domains are more important than other domain Extensions.

1.   .Com  Domains  are Easy to remember

         The .com  domains are very easy to remember and have maximum benefits which multiply the sales of the startups and give them maximum Boost. Whereas other domains extensions such as .co, net, .org have limitations.  People love to remember .com domains as compared to other domain extensions including the New range of domains available online.

2..Com domains are Professional and Commercial 

The .Com  domains are very professional which is the reason that if you search any desired domains you will hardly find any due to their value. They are also available for Commercial use since Startups are launched for profit. They evolve into Corporate enterprise as their Sales rise up.

3.  Dot Com Domains are  the  Brands for  Your Startup 

No doubt,.Com domains become your identity over the internet and people memorize them easily. The prospective buyers visit you.Com based Website and make their purchase easily. Even the.Com domains have exception value if you are in the business of Domaining.  The Great .com based Domains include,,,  and etc.  These are the frequently visited sites and people have memorized their domains since all these sites have.Com domains.

4. Dot Com Domains are best for  Returning Customers 

Online stores such as eBay,,, or have great collection items related to every category. Their quick memorable domain attracts many customers to revisit their sites and make fresh purchases resulting increase in Sales. Means.Com domains help increase your sales as compared to other domain Extensions. 

.5 Dot Com Domains are Search Engine Friendly 

 The Dot Com domains are search engine friendly and they are easily indexed by the top search engines such as Google , Yahoo and  The People Search about your Startup Business through Keywords related your Business . for Example if you are running Hosting Business then people will use the Keyword Hosting, Free hosting, Cheap hosting etc. Search engines use these keywords and display the results. Normally, the search engines index pages which are frequently visited by the people according to their interests regardless of domain extensions but the.Com domains are easily ranked if they are single or Double Syllable domains.