Social Media has been the talk of the time since almost every person likes to share and update regarding what he has done something extraordinary, Content or blog post with massive world .Social Media is great medium to connect the people with people doing wonders in their field around the globe . Social Media is free but very effective medium to Market your your products and services to the massive audience.

Social Media Networks such as Twitter , Facebook , LinkedIn ,Yammer , StumbleUpon , Reddit , and Digg are the some frequently used Social Networking sites where people share their updates , latest development , blog posts , latest articles ,content , Videos , News and Press Releases immediately as they happens or created . Social Media Gurus knows the various Dynamics of using Social Media for Startups to maximize their Profits to manifolds . Here the Five Hidden Benefits you enjoy by using Social Media Networks for Marketing of Startup Products or Services .

1.Social Media is Free: Yes , this is biggest benefit social Media that it is free and has massive outreach globally .Though some Social Networks such as ,Buffer etc to use Premium Services even some social Sharing Plugins have pro Versions too . This is not big problem since you can still use 100s of Plugins offered free by the social Media Developers and IT Companies for startups to take benefit from powerful Medium of social Media.

2.Outreach and Networking: Startups need outreach to their products or services and at the same time Networking with Entrepreneurs and Customers to maintain good relationship and update the Social Media Users with improved services ,products or improvements in existing products or services being offered by the startup company for the massive prospective customers.

3.Product or Service Feedback: Social Marketing will also enable you to research the customer feedback and opinions regarding your products or services. You can engage Social Media People with product surveys , opinion polls etc . This also save your massive investment on Survey Research Companies . The feedback will enable you to either change or improve the product or service .

4.Temporary Website Needs: Social Media also helps the Startups to create a page and showcase all of their products and services as offered by LinkedIn and Facebook while your startup website is under construction in the Developers Lab . You can update the enthusiastic visitors regarding the possible Official launching date of your Startup website . This will serve as Landing Page . You can also redirect your domain to Social Media Page so that visitors may be updated with Products and services are offered or would be offered after launching of your website or web store .

5.Track Social Media Trends & Analytics: You can deploy certain plugins or tools on your website to create insights regarding any service or Product which is most demanded and the products or Service less demanded. The benefit of Social Analysis is that you can easily research the trends, tools and services most demanded globally and the company can create or develop such products on the basis of the interest of the people using or making purchases online or offline. The startup can also distinguish between well performing and less performing products or services. Even the services which are not getting impressive feedback from the Social Media users. This will benefit the Startup Company in improving Development of products after having a meeting with the Production, Sales and Marketing team.