Startups are always eager to launch their startups with great impression to attract more  people .There are are several innovative Ideas which may help improve your Startup launch in a Professional manner . Several Startups are launched by various  Entrepreneurs with the Launch plan . The Launch plan may be developed to give a professional impression that the Startup which is going to be launched  ,has great team specially the Sales and Marketing team  which will lead it to the heights of Success  .

Advertising and Marketing Plan will go hand in hand  as far as the new  Startup is concerned  . The dedicated  Sales and Marketing team will enable you to decide on what day and date , you will launch your startup for massive people likely to become the customers  for your Startup company Products . Some mistakes  may give  the Impression that you have launched your  startup without any planning . Here are the Five Golden Tips to launch your Startup in a professional manner  .

1.Pre-Planning or Homework  for the Startup Launch 

Pre-planning for the  successful launch of your Startups is necessary so that all the arrangements  could  finalized . As per the Proverb ,” Haste Makes Waste”  , Don’t be in hurry to arrange  the event since in hurry you can miss some key segments or steps which may become the cause of Criticism since  the participants will be of the view that you are amateurs and you have done homework or planning for the even . It is not necessary that the participants or Guests attending your even may be optimistic . Some may notice the events and segments very closely and attentively . They may point out some of the pitfalls which may be avoided , if you plan and do homework .

2.Prepare Presentation and Road Map 

Presentation for the Startup launch even is necessary  , specially if more startups are going to be launched by Startup accelerators or incubators .The CEO/Founder Must create an impressive Presentation giving details about Possible Road map to the Success  . The Entrepreneurs will brief the participants regarding the Startups , what Products and Services it will offer  and how the Startup is different from others if there are similar Startups with similar Products . The Startups may attract the investors  during their Official launch if the Startup is still looking for the Investment for its expansion and Operational Costs .  The Presentation may be very brief but very impressive  one so that people may have impression that you have done homework and development a working plan  and launching a Quality Product or Service .

3.List of Participants ,Venue ,Date  and Details 

Before you plan for official Startup launch ,you must have a comprehensive list of Guests including the investors in Startup . Then , there comes venue , Day , Date and time  Details so that your participants could get to the location where you have arranged the program for the Official launch  of your Startup . Once gains ,the proper planning and Consultation with Staff and investors or Board Members is vital to have Successful Launch .  The Invitation cards must be designed with logo and Details of your Startup ,Venue ,Time and the CEO /founder who will be the Host .

4.Publications, Media Personnel, Reporters and Banners 

After invitations , There  comes the Print material  for the Startup vent . You should have  the Brochures giving details about the Startup vision ,Mission , Products and Services  and the Founder and CEO name ,mailing Contact Address and website Address. You Should  have attendance Sheet , Suggestions Book . You should also invite the Media Personnel to cover the Event and give its a Media Exposure   . You must  get printed Banners  giving details of the Startup products and Services besides welcoming the Guests to the Event . Startup even can be decorated with various Quotations ,Product Specifications or Service Details

5.Photo and Video Recording, Press Release for Media 

Photos and Video may be used  to attract the first time visitors on your website  by announcing that you have officially launched the Startup[ Company and you have published videos and Snapshot the launching Ceremony . Photos and Videos can be used for Introductory video of your Startup on the site . The Photos can also be used for the Press Release and Newsletters.

The small Business owners must share Startup Launch Press Release on their Website , Free PR and Paid Websites , Print media so that massive people may know that you have launched your startup  officially regardless of the fact that whether the reader has attended the Program or not . You will have to Advertise the website , market the Products and empower your Sales team to  do wonders by developing a creative and customer centeric marketing plan to attract more customers .

You may develop a Facebook page  for your website , if your website is under Construction despite official Launch .The Social Media  specially Facebook, Twitter , linked in will help you in Developing Social Media Marketing plan and Reap the Benefits . Social Media is the great platform to Market your goods and Service and attract a swarm of traffic as Customers to generate more leads and Sales.