Finance is considered the backbone for the  Small Business company which keep its alive  when it needs  it badly to resolve the financial Constraints . The Use of Money wisely will save  a lot for the Entrepreneurs which may later be used  for any difficult time. Entrepreneurs sail with their  golden Ideas but there would be  few  who are well versed with Finance and Accounting , Budgeting ,loaning and lending Principles and Rules .

Being Startup owners , the entrepreneurs  must know  the  Following Four Financial Auditing Rules to  run their Small business Company in a professional manner saving a lot for the rainy day . Savings will help Startups as stimulus during the period when they have applied for Bank loans or Looking for More Investors support their Startups Growth and Expansion . These saved bucks will not let your  Startup fall due to Financial Constraints.

1.Budgeting : This is most important  Skills  which is necessary for all the Entrepreneurs to run their Startups as  per their Business Plan . The First budget comes with the Business which was developed either by you or Business Consultants with your Initial investment  . The Budget may contain various heads which include  Salaries of Proposed Staff , Utilities , taxes , rents or other office related  Products .

If you spend less than the budget or within the budget ,then you will be saving great amount for rolling out to next month . This means that for 12 Months  Budget , your balance each month will be serving you with extra amount in addition to random allocation made . You won’t worry , if  any month’s expenditures exceed than allocated amount . Some Organizations may run Monthly , Quarterly ,Half yearly Budgets  , but it is advisable that you should run your budget for a year to have clear path for Growth .

2.Accounting :Accounting is all about budget allocation . Means you need document both the Receipts , Investments and Expenditures to analyse and estimate that whether your Startup is going in profits or in loss  or  no gain and no loss basis . Accounting is the most effective tool to analyse and review the Progress of  the Startups . The Entrepreneurs with Accounting Skills will have more clear  view of their Startups that whether their Plan works or needs some on going adjustments . You may use cloud based accounting Softwares which will save your time for  manual accounting .

3.Reconciliation with Bank for Account Statements :The Weekly or Monthly reconciliation with bank for account statements is also necessary for all Startup company for any addition or omission error by the company and bank . If your account balance does not match with that of Bank which means there is some entry error . Whether , you had missed a Shipment or left any entry into your accounting ledger or  Software . Reconciliation with bank will clarify the error .

You can have a online bank account with internet Banking enabled to track the deposits and withdraws so that no unauthorized Withdrawal may be attempted . You should also match the  Salary amount with bank to ensure that your staff has received the fixed amount as promised at the time of hiring . You may also track through reconciling that none of your staff has received over payment than the regular salary.

4.Auditing and Forecasting :  Auditing is the process of checking the accounts of the company to insure that whether the amount incurred was as per the accounting methods  or Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) with the proof  of payment made  with voucher or receipt.  Auditing is the monitoring tool to monitor your companies income and expenditure .And , on the basis  of Audit , you make strategic plans  or  Financial forecasts for the company needs and requirements of Staff , material or Goods .

Auditing has two types : Internal Audit which is conducted by CEO or Internal Auditor  or External or 3rd party Audit by Chartered Accountant Firms . Most of the Startups and Enterprise undertake the internal audit by themselves and contract the 3rd Party Audit for Annual accounts and displays the same on their company website . The External Audit attracts more investors as they (investors) believe that company is not  hiding any facts and figures from the Shareholders or Prospective Investors .