Mobile Phone subscribers are increasing day by day and more and more Smart Phones are making their way into Mobile Markets. Even in Pakistan Millions of Mobile Users are browsing the web through Smart phones and Smart Tabs and their number is flooding and bursting every day. With 3G and 4G LTE spectrum  , Mobile phone giants such Google’s Android ,Blackberry ,Microsoft and Apple’s IOS are  customizing and expanding their app base with new and useful mobile Applications every day. People are slowly getting used  to using internet on the go.

With Classified Ads giant Olx finding its way to Smart Phones  and Inclusion of  Pakistan as Supported Country for Merchant accounts for the paid Application ,the opportunities are unlimited now as compared one to three years ago . let’s analyze why your startup company should have  IOS ,Windows ,Blackberry  or Android  Application to tap the Mobile loving people .

1.Easy and Accessible :The applications for mobile both apple and Google’s Play marketplaces are easily available according to their categories i.e such as  Free or Paid ,Business ,games ,chat etc . The users can easily search the database and install the relevant application on their smart phone either through mobile or desktop. The application is accessible for GPRS or 3G or 4G or WiFi based connections or paired connections.

2.Easily Developed :The Mobile application can easily be developed by the IOS ,windows ,blackberry and Android Developers and your Store or Service will also be available to Mobile Customers and your Profits will increase manifold . if the service media related such as Publication , Magazine , Newspaper or Video or TV channel then it will further your business and millions of people globally will be able to watch or read or subscribe to your website and you will increase your viewership or readership through the powerful medium.

3.Profitable: the Mobile application can be profitable if it is paid application  such as service ,software or game . Millions of Developers are producing applications for the Website , service , auction site ,shopping site or paid content for viewership or readership . Paid Application will be sold immediately through Mobile checkout . Easily managed by Marketplaces.

4.Global Exposure & Traffic :Millions of  Smartphone users will be reviewing your product or service besides the desktop users who are constantly viewing your mobile apps on the respective Mobile Marketplaces. The Website will have a great exposure globally since  your application will available across the continents opening the money stream and swarm of traffic for your website resulting in more hits and conversions.