Iqbal Bano was the  legendry classical Ghazal singer of  Pakistan  . She was born  on 28th December,1935 in New Delhi  .  She  sung various  poets  such as  Faiz Ahmed Faiz ,Allama Iqbal  and  others , Her best ghazals include Ab ke hum bichre , Muddat Huee hay Yaar ko mehman Kiye Huay and  Muhbat Karnay walay kum na  hongay . She  learnt music from  Ustad  Sabri Khan  . 

She  has been honoured  by  Google  with  Doodle  on Her 81st  Birthday. She  is still remembered as  great Ghazal singer  of her era  -a maestro with  heart touching sound  .  She  sang ghazals  for  films  , radio  and  TV  .

This legend her left her fans on 21st April ,2009 . But  she  is still alive n the hearts of people with her evergreen classical  Ghazals which are still fresh in the Memories of the People of Pakistan and entire  Sub-continent.