People always try to find solutions to the problems coming in their way. Most people deal with the most common legal situation on professionally, a’s a result, face several legal issues which may become critical if not addressed properly using the most practical legal way. Mostly, all personal legal matters are not be attended by any attorneys or courts. In fact, the majority of legal activities take place out of the court premises.

If you are facing a problem which might be a legal problem for you in near future, then it is always a good idea to follow some basic rules to escape trivial matters becoming bigger if not dealt properly. There are some Golden rules to deal with everything professionally to avoid any legal proceedings against you if you have failed to them in the bud. The following Golden points will enable you to avoid the most common legal situation if followed properly.

Documenting Everything and Writing Agreements:  Many people  make deals or make agreements without any documented Proof  which may lead to frustration if these trivial matters may take you to attorney or Court if the opponent is very tricky since none documented agreements or Promises are sometimes are not acceptable as Legal requirements demand that you must have evidence and witnesses in every deal be to buying or selling property, vehicles, house  or any business deal .

In each case, you must document the things or  Record a Video or Audio of any conversation or record any telephonic call so that you may have the evidence of an issue in case the person whom you made any deal or had any commitment may not change the statements what was agreed upon.  You must take snapshots of Evidence such as Papers, Agreements, witnesses and recording the conversation took place. This may protect you from any possible issues in future.

Common Situations:  For example, you had a minor accident then what is required for you to escape any legal issues such as taking pictures of your car, ID cards of Emergency personnel, Vehicle insurance documents and conditions and the reasons which caused the accidents.

This may relieve you from several code formatives if you claim from the insurance company for any life Insurance or Car Insurance. Since the activity of testifying the personally taken photographs and the replicated record might be enough to present a shred of the powerful evidence for the claim you made from the company.

Besides Accidents or the personal injury law qualifies you to claim they suffered damages caused by defective products which cause any damage to your health or property etc. The substandard products which are not properly tested that may harm your health or product or any plant may claim for the damage caused by its use.

Medical Mal Practice: There are several issues caused by intentional medical malpractice by Medical practitioners which caused any reaction during your treatment may bring under legal proceedings you may take them to court for any legal action for such negligence.

Intentional Malice or Defamation: Though the Prosecutors may term it as less Evidence, yet you may file criminal charges against any person practising malice intentionally or defaming you publically. Since in civil system, the Personal injury law requires less evidence as compared to criminal law. Other issues may include Slipping from ladder, Assault or dog bite cases.

Well, these are common cases you may encounter for personal injury law or most common legal situation which may be dealt with professionally if you follow the above-discussed points practically to avoid any confusion.