The Startups businesses make progress at snail’s pace during their first days . They toil hard to meet their workforce and other costs which are frequently paid such as rent , salaries , utility bills etc . although ,wise startups always prefer to save some balance amount to cover the costs of routine business.

This is very important for startups in order to survive for long time with huge or average investment . Then , as the company grows and sales increase , it starts support its running costs easily . Physical address is considered positive sign for any company since it increases the chances of reliability and results positive feedback than totally virtual companies .

The physical address gives unique exposure and identity to your business unlike search engine king and influential leader , Google whose physical address is also unique , Mountain view ,CA or popularly known as silicon valley . Means , your address should be so impressive that it names the street as your company not the people get direction of popular buildings or offices . The physical address has more value in business so the people always value such practices .

The website at same time gives your business a good exposure and you can display your services , Products and portfolio easily on the website which increases the chances for your revenue and your company gives a professional look . professional developed website is the great identity of your company and you can cash the same by selling the products online , online orders placement or free quotes for the customers who approach your for any specific service or product .

Avoid making free websites which are not trusted and contain limited services which may not satisfy you or your business customers since it does not contain unique domain name along with your company logo which are supposed to be necessary for your business . Always engage a professional Web design firm or It consultancy firm to make your website more user centered and friendly so that the customers may experience very easy and smooth navigation and find the services of their choice and place orders for the business .