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Marketing to Women: It’s Time for Businesses to Finally Get It Right



When it comes to marketing, we’ve come a long way, baby, but unfortunately, not far enough. We’re still seeing brands marketing to mythical women who stay home all day fretting over which toilet bowl cleaner to use (have you met one of these women? I haven’t.). We still see far too much use of pink and flowers and roses and kittens. Again, have you met the woman that this kind of marketing is geared toward?

It’s time to really understand what women want and deliver it through effective marketing to women that makes sense in today’s world.

Know your audience

I honestly even hate including this as a tip since it should be a no-brainer, but given the marketing messages I’ve seen lately, I feel like I need to harp on it just a bit.

Think of your mother. Wife. Sister. Female friends. How much do they have in common personality-wise? How different are they? Your mom might be a mountain-climbing yogini, while your sister is a conservative knitter. How on earth can you use the same marketing campaign to reach both of them?

I’m going to need you to pick a side here because you can’t create a blanket marketing campaign that’s going to resonate with every woman out there. You just can’t.  So narrow your demographic to exactly whom you want to reach.

Now get to know them. Actually, physically meet with women in your demographic. Talk to them in focus groups. What are their likes and dislikes? Where do they learn about new products? How do they decide what to buy?

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For me, as a woman in her 40s, I abhor commercials. I’m more likely to buy a product recommended to me in my Instagram feed (which is tailored to my tastes). I talk to my friends about products, and I sometimes read reviews.

All this is imperative for understanding whom you’re trying to sell to.

Tell a compelling story

I don’t know the science behind it, but women like stories. They want to connect with a brand emotionally. I used to always cry when a particular ad for cotton fabric came on years ago. Ads with animals make my heart swell.

This example takes something that no one wants to talk about (poop) and makes it fun while educating the audience with a little body science. Plus, unicorns poop rainbow ice cream! Fun!

You can tell a story that has nothing to do with your product, the way medicine ads often do (“Now I can do so much more since I’m taking Med X! I can ski! Hug my grandson! Dance with my partner!”).

You can tell a story about your brand. Social media is great for this because you can share photos of your employees making your products and give a little behind-the-scenes look at your company. I know when I find a connection with a brand’s story, I’m more likely to buy from them again and again.

Here’s a great example of a brand telling its story: Fuschia Shoes. The brand came across my Instagram feed and I clicked because I liked the look of the shoes and the fact that they are ethically made by artisans. Okay, okay, I clicked because they were cute! But once on the website, you see a video of the founder explaining why she wanted to elevate the overseas shoe industry, which often exploits workers and has harsh working conditions. You see photos of the people in Pakistan who make the shoes. That’s a great story.

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Practice what you preach

It’s not enough to market to women. You also need to use them in your ads. In photos on your site. Have them on your team. No woman is going to feel like a company run by a bunch of men really gets her the way other women will.

Remember that women aren’t cookie-cutter. They want to see women who have the same shade of skin as they do or who have wrinkles. They want to see real women in ads, not airbrushed models. Being real is what attracts women, lumps, bumps, sunspots, and all.

Set selling aside

If you have salespeople in your company, retrain them on how to sell to women. We are extremely leery of a sales pitch. Whenever a salesperson calls me, I’m already shut down against whatever his message is because I know he’s not calling with my best interest in mind.

Women want to build relationships. We want you to genuinely care about who we are and ask about how our family is doing. We would like to chat about the last vacation we took or what our plans are for the summer. We do not want to be sold to, but if you actually care about us, we just might buy from you.

Women aren’t cryptic puzzles waiting to be cracked. We’re people. Market to us understanding that none of us wants to be lumped together and treat us like the unique individuals that we are.

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Pakistani Startup “Saarey Music” among the top in the Startup Columbia Challenge, 2020



Since the start of the 21st Century, Entrepreneurship has been the new, trending career to pursue. People of all ages have been thinking up ideas, working on business plans to mass produce their products or services, and selling these products or services across the globe. The turn of the century has brought with it many new startups and have made many people across the globe very, very wealthy.

Pakistan, too, has seen many such successful Enterprises and Startups. One of which comes from a record company called Saarey which has launched Saarey Music.

Saarey Music is a music streaming service for Pakistanis (or otherwise) across the globe. It is a music streaming service especially designed for Pakistani Classical Music. Users can enjoy their timeless favourites such as Roshan Ara Begum, Ustad Shaukat Hussain, and the legendary Ustad Amanat Ali Khan and Ustad Fateh Ali Khan duo and more. There’s no doubt that since it was released earlier this year, this music streaming service has been a hit amongst the classical music enthusiasts of Pakistan.

This fame has now also been recognised by a US-based Startup competition organized by Columbia University, an Ivy League university regularly ranked among the best in the world. 

The Startup Columbia Challenge of the 2020 Columbia Venture Competition conducted by Columbia University. It is a New York- based competition and is designed to judge and rate the Startups of that year in the preset categories.

The challenge is, “all about customer development and demonstrating product-market fit,” said Faraan Irfan, the founder of Saarey. Him and his startup have been ranked one of the top six companies in this international competition. He also mentioned that the competition was open to all Startups from Columbia University and, being the founder, him and his team were, “thrilled to be in the finals.”

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Taboola Launches New Global Partner Program ‘Taboola PRO’



Taboola, The World’s Leading Discovery Platform, Today Announced Its “Taboola PRO” Program To Empower Advertising And Digital Marketing Professionals With Best Practices To Increase Customer Acquisition, Platform Adoption, Campaign Success, And Growth Potential For Their Clients Using Taboola’s Platform.

Taboola Held Their Inaugural Taboola PRO Session Earlier In 2019, With Participants From Leading German And Austrian Advertising Agencies In The U.K., As Well As Sessions In Israel, Across India And Other Major Markets In Asia, With U.S. Sessions Kicking Off In 2020.

New Program Developed To Arm Marketers With Advanced Knowledge On How To Use Taboola’s Platform To Maximize Business Outcomes For Clients

Sharing Views On Their Experience Going Through The Taboola PRO Process, Tanja Bauer, Senior Sales & Marketing Manager, Purpur Media, Of Austria Said, “We Are Excited To Be The First In The Region To Enter Taboola’s Partner Program. We Have Been Working With Taboola For Over A Year Now And Are Able To Deliver Best-In-Class Native Advertising Services To Our Clients Across The Globe. We Can Aim To Provide Long Term Content Solutions With Incredible Support, Training, And Advice From Team Taboola.”

“Being A Part Of Taboola Pro Has Enlightened Our Eyes And Has Made A Great Contribution To Us In The Professional Field,” Said Ofir Morag, User Acquisition Marketing Manager, Playtika Israel. “It Was Both An Educational And Fun Experience Which Is The Perfect Balance To Learn And Retain Information!”

David Said, Head Of Native Advertising At Resolution Media (An Omnicom Media Group Company) Added, “The Session Provided Us With Even Deeper Insights And Learnings That Will Strengthen Our Expertise In Native Advertising In The Long Term. We Can Transfer This Added Value Seamlessly Into The Client Experience And Thus Further Drive The Success Of Our Clients.”

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Lavinn Rajpal, Co-Founder & COO, Chimp&Z Inc. India Said, “We Are Excited To Be One Of The First In The Region To Associate With Taboola’s Partner Program. We Look Forward To Working With Taboola And Be Able To Deliver Best-In-Class Native Advertising Services To Our Clients Across The Globe. With Taboola’s Support And Services We Aim To Provide Long Term Content Solutions With The Incredible Support, Training And Advice From Team Taboola.”

M. Janaradhan, Digital Marketing Manager At GoPaisa Netventures Pvt Ltd. Shared His Views On Taboola Pro Event, “We Have Been Working With Taboola For Over A Year And A Half Now And I Can Confidently Say That Taboola Is The Best Marketing Tool To Drive Users With Similar Interests To Our Content. The Taboola Pro Event Which We Attended In November’19 Was A Remarkable Learning Experience For Me In Terms Of New Marketing Strategies. Furthermore, A Detailed Overview Of New Updates Of The Platform And A Demo Of Taboola Video Ads Was A Plus.”

Rajesh C, Manager Of Media Buying At Valueleaf Services (India) Pvt Ltd. Said, “Taboola Pro Did Open Opportunities For Us To Increase Awareness About Native Advertising, Learning Pro Tips, Advanced Optimization And Knowing The Product Even Better. We Hold Special Gratitude For The Taboola Team For Keeping Us On Our Toes With Its Educational Workshops. Thank You For The Grounding Knowledge And For Helping Us Succeed With Taboola’s World-Class Native Advertising Solutions.”

Advertising And Digital Marketing Professionals Working With Taboola Can Reach Out To Their Account Managers To Learn More About Taboola PRO.

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About Taboola

Taboola Helps People Discover What’s Interesting And New. The Company’s Platform And Suite Of Products, Powered By Deep Learning And The Largest Dataset Of Content Consumption Patterns On The Open Web, Is Used By Over 20,000 Companies To Reach Over 1.4 Billion People Each Month.

Advertisers Use Taboola To Reach Their Target Audience When They’re Most Receptive To New Messages, Products And Services. Digital Properties, Including Publishers, Mobile Carriers And Handset Manufacturers, Use Taboola To Drive Audience Monetization And Engagement. Some Of The Most Innovative Digital Properties In The World Have Strong Relationships With Taboola, Including CNBC, NBC News, USA TODAY, BILD, Sankei, Huffington Post, Microsoft, Business Insider, The Independent, El Mundo, And Le Figaro. The Company Is Headquartered In New York City With Offices In 18 Cities Worldwide.

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How to Promote Your Startup Blog using Best Content Marketing Skills



Blogging is the passion for many since Blogging works on content creation for massive traffic. Several people start various blogs for various purposes such as to inform, to entertain and to influence the readers. There are several Blogging Gurus and content Marketing Specialist having tons of Ideas regarding the Skyscraper approach. Some are of the view that if you pursue the track of Skyscraping you must know that you may fall from it if you implemented the content marketing strategy in the wrong way.  remember, the Skyscraper technique does not work for all. Few Bloggers even said that you need to focus on the quality and engaging content and pursue a great marketing plan for it, you may see positive results. So, every content marketer and Blogging guru come forward with an own narrative of skyscraping. Let’s find out how you can promote the blog using skyscraper technique. If we  research the technique, we will find out that Skyscraper technique works on the following steps:

Blogging has been fun for many but it may require a lot of work out before you reach the heights of success.  The Blogging gurus will be quite aware that the skyscraper technique is actually a fairly simple method which will enable you to watch the  “top content” for any given keyword or any important topic.

 1.Selecting  The keywords

Keywords play a vital role in skyscraper technique as your blog Post must have relevant keywords with high search engine rankings to drive the organic traffic to blog and improving its Google page rank and Alexa ranks. You may find the high-rank keywords with Google and other SEO based sites such as Moz, Hubspot or buzz sumo etc as these are the Industry leaders for keyword research.Keyword research also gives bloggers the idea to choose only high performing keywords.

2.Review the Top ten ranking Posts on Google

After Selection of the Keywords, the Next step is to search the  Google for above keywords and review the content and marketing technique used by the Bloggers to engage more readers and drive the massive traffic to their sites for the given Keyword. This will give you ideas to craft your blog articles similar to the content you discovered on Google through particular keywords. Reviewing top ranked posts on search engines like google give you a clear idea that Which Headlines and keywords are very important and drive more traffic to your Blog site.

3.Content on BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is the great site to check and analyze top blog posts and it will display the most shared blog posts from these blogs through the selected Keywords you chose and searched them on the internet from the Google. Buzzsumo is a powerful tool to discover the most shared content from the blogs and enable you to pursue the Skyscraper technique in the true sense. Buzzsumo will also give you key analytics about the low shared Content and the most shared content. The constant use of BuzzSumo will update you about the content performance and the social media network where the content is shared the most and the social media networks where your content is less shared so that you may embed or use Popular search plugins for Social media Marketing purpose.

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4.Determining the Average length of  the Top Content

It is necessary to determine that the average length of top performing content on Google Search engine and craft your own blog post of the same length so that you may get massive organic traffic and drive great traffic to your Blog and improve its ranking. Several bloggers have implemented this technique and have been extremely Successful in attracting traffic and making a place in Google’s top search results.There are reports that if you publish an over length post or keyword density is intense then there are chances that the search engines may not index the content properly resulting in low traffic.

5.Identifying  Gaps in Competitive Content

Finding gaps in the  Top content you search for chosen keywords is very important since it will help you to craft your own blog post by filling gaps and making it more reader and search engine friendly to be liked and shared with the first sight. Gaps will also enable you to improve your blog post and adopt the content marketing approach in your blog posts. Many bloggers do not make the outline properly and leave content gaps which may affect the content marketing strategy. It is recommended that You must analyze the top content and try to find out the gaps so that you may not repeat the same. If you have identified gaps, then try to fill the gaps in your content creation strategy.

6.Identify common keywords and phrases used in competitive content

Next step is to identify the most relevant keywords and phrases used in the competitive content and consider to use for your blog post son that you may get some traffic through the keywords. Keywords tags from the top content or competitive content will also improve the blog visibility and authority if checked with Moz domain authority checker. Identifying the Common keywords and phrases and the style of starting the blog post and concluding it will enable you to use the most traffic keywords to drive traffic and promoting your blog content.

7.Writing  the Content Outline

Writing the content outline for the top blog is very vital for the logical framework or logical structure from instruction, body and the conclusion. In the introduction, you will introduce the topic whereas in the body you will have to distribute the topic in many paragraph or sections, and finally, in conclusion, you will have to sum the ideas or discussion in the Blog post. The Outline always helps you to discuss the various aspects or parts of the Topic in detail. It is advisable that you must research the topic outline to find engaging headings and subheadings for the content to drive traffic to your blog as Content Marketers always ask a question from the bloggers that if the Visitor Searching  for related content finds 10 plus links for any searched terms than they will obviously click the top result first then 2nd and so on . then why should they visit your link if he finds the answer on the first link –simply because you must have more engaging content and having no  content gaps or missing content  .

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8.Writing 20 to 30 headlines using the Headline Analyzer

The Headline is the magic to attract visitors to the website. The more catchy and creative headline will result in more hits to your blog post. It is necessary that you must write  20 to 30 headlines to find and compare with the headline analyzer from Co Schedule. It will analyze the headlines and display the suggestions and usefulness of the headlines. It will also give you tips to improve the headlines. Therefore, before jumping to write the post you need to analyze the Headline so that it may drive massive traffic to your blog and your blog gains more organic traffic.

9.Create Content for the blog post

Now,  after searching a great Headline is the time to write content keeping in view the content length of the top content you searched on Google. The content length limitation is necessary because your reader may get bored with too much content and may bounce to other similar site content. It is also necessary that the content tone should be very informative or How to based step by step as How to or informative content has longer lifeline than raw or boring content. Make your content marketable, readable, informative and engaging to drive the ton of traffic to your Blog. Therefore, while writing a great blog post, you need to take strict care of the audience, information in hand and presenting the information in a logical order.

10.Create Attractive and Video that match the content.

Images present the facts as great informative tools as infographics, images, and  Videos add great value to your blog posts. The images should be taken from the web as they will steal your traffic. It is advisable that you should either create your own infographics or images or get them designed from any design as clear and effective Images and high-definition videos result in more traffic and attract the visitors to your blog. But if your images are not clear, creative or copied from the web, you have little chances to divert the web traffic and organic traffic towards your Blog.

11.Publishing the Content

Congratulations, now you have reached the last button the big one that is published and gives the relief to the bloggers that their Blog posts are going to enter the competitive Content market and compete for its value and space but wait… Before publishing the content, you must proofread the content for any type of grammar errors or broken links. It is better to use  Grammarly app for checking the content and making sure that it is error-free. When you check the all the links you have used in the Blog content are working and there are no any typo or Grammar errors then Go for the Publish Button. Click it and hurray! You have done the most exhausting work.

 12.Promoting Content on Social Media and Content Delivery Networks

The Content which is recently published become the web property of search engines and the search engines will start indexing the fresh content match keywords queries made by the people around the globe. The search engines display the most searched or top searched content higher as it is shared by the people frequently. Therefore, it is necessary that you must share the new blog post on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Digg, Stumbleupon and Tumblr etc for driving Social Media traffic to your blog and maximizing content distribution and discovery. If you want to promote through native content Delivery Networks then you may try, taboo, revcontent, Outbrain, Triplelift and blade. These Native content Ad Networks will distribute across their publisher base and send tons of traffic to your blog through the content you just published on your blog.

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13.The Final one that is to Review performance

Well, we are coming close to this skyscraper Techniques’ last Step that is just waiting and see the performance of your content and observe tons of traffic coming to your blog. If you have any monetization plan for your blog, then you may have massive CPM and CPC based earnings if you followed the guidelines strictly and implemented the tools in the true sense.  For performance, you may hook to buzz sumo ,Google  Analytics, Alexa Traffic Rankings, Similar web or Moz etc or other popular SEO technique to find out whether the content you just created  to compete the competitive content links you had searched and created engaging content for the blog and shared it on Social Media as well .

Finally , we reached the point that the Skyscraper content marketing technique is always trending within the marketing industry gurus which was very rare before as trendsetters in blogosphere have reaped tremendous results from this amazing technique but every technique does not work for  everybody due to many reasons  that do not mean that the Skyscraper Technique is ineffective that is completely wrong. Maybe,  you did not implement the technique in the proper way or maybe you created content in a nonprofessional way or your headlines and the keywords did not work well or other several reasons. But the Biggest Bloggers and brands are of the view that this technique gets them big and amazing results. Moreover, The bloggers also build backlinks which are often called as cash links by the SEO Experts. As the backlinks are the best way to improve the search engine performance of your blog and improve its rankings globally. You may leave comments on forum posts or blog posts of high ranked blogs and earn banks links. Even guest posting will give you more backlinks or write for the content sites such as EzineArticles etc will create several backlinks to your blog site.

Final Word

We have reached the final step that is summing up the discussion and tips and concluding it. We have learned that we can implement the Skyscraper technique and can easily promote the content of your blog to the next level and drive extensive traffic resulting in higher page rank and blog popularity in search engines. The Blogs promotion technique will only work if you undertake the promotion policy in the sense. Blogging is the biggest passion and Blogging success is the key to become a popular blogger and influencer across the blogosphere.

Hurray !! You are on the Top of Search Engine Results ….Congratulations!

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