Domains are  considered  the  web properties and  if the  people  having great  portfolio of  undeveloped or without website premium  Domains and they are  making money from them  that means  you are  having white Elephants  with you  means you  have  big possession and  not making use  of it as you are  not benefiting from such property on which you have  spent  thousands of dollars .

You can make money while sleeping as domain parking has enabled millions of people living in various parts to earn revenue from the ads shown on the parked pages. Thus, If you have more portfolio of premium domains then you have more premium property or inventory to be monetized.

Domain Parking had  turned  the  undeveloped  domains into ultimate  traffic and Money stream and  the  domineers are earning a great amount of  revenue  from their domains by parking  at various  domain parking sites  but today we  will be  talking about only  Name Drive powered by Parking Crew  since  I have parked  many domains with  it and  they  have been  paying great revenue  in response  to my portfolio there  .

Registration: The registration at Name Drive is at few clicks and soon you will be in the site and monetizing your premium domains for auction or resale purposed and having invested thousands of dollars for them. For Registration, all you have to do just paste your domains in the space provided and followed by your personal information and you are ready to drive the name Drive with the power of your domains. After adding your domains go to your domain registrar to point your domains to and and that’s it. You will see the great number of revenue being generated by your domains which were earlier only domains and now that domain will pay their costs themselves and additional generated revenue for you as well.

 Payments and Payment Methods: The Payments are Made on net30  means if you have earned  30 Dollars in March and you will be paid on April 30. Payments are made through PayPal and Cheques. The Minimum payments for PayPal are $20 Dollars.

Domain Selling: Besides parking, you can display your domains on the NDX market for selling them at higher places. As soon as you place your domains on the  Marketplace and you will start receiving  Offers from the prospective buyers provided that you have premium domains, not more than of four words.

 Upside: The overall payments system is great and even Name Drive provides you with the Categorized templates for your parked pages resulted in maximum revenues for you coupled with a link to lead the buyers to the offers or buying page of respective domains. Some domains can make up  $ 10  to $ 15 Dollars depending on the traffic they receive. The more premium domains you park the more you generate Dollars. Even those domains may get sold fast.

Downside: It is very difficult to find faults with Name Drive, Yet every service may have a shortcoming  . I  think Name Drive must improve its  Auction Pages and  Display paged besides adding  Payoneer  Prepaid  Debit Card and  Money Bookers as their payment option as  PayPal is not available in many cities resulting payments delay heavy fees for wire transfers or Cheque clearance.

Future Trend Analysis: From the rapid growth of Name Drive, it can ascertained that name Drive will soon become the Number one domain Parking site on the internet and people from all over the world would be benefiting from them.