Pakistani ecosystem is blessed with a rare breed of snow leopard and we have taken number of steps to preserve and protect the ecosystem, Adviser to the Prime Minister on Climate Change Malik Amin Aslam said during World Wildlife Day organized by MoCC, Snow Leopard Foundation (SLF) and FAST National University as the chief guest, in Islamabad, today. He said Pakistan Snow Leopard and Ecosystem Protection programme (PSLEP) are among the three foreign funded projects that aimed at biodiversity and environment restoration in Pakistan.

These projects are very successful in Pakistan. Through these projects we are conserving the wildlife not just in Pakistan but also in the habitat area. Malik Amin said the ministry of climate change (MoCC) would extend National Nature Internships for youth of the country to partake foreign funded projects aimed at environment conservation, wildlife protection and habitat restoration in the country. Malik Amin Aslam congratulated management and students of FAST National University for contributing in the conservation efforts and launching the Snow leopard mascot.

The Honorable Advisor emphasized on working collectively to tackle the challenges of climate change and its impacts on the ecosystems. He also shared measures taken by the present government to protect the biodiversity and wildlife through ecotourism. Advisor informed the guests that the Prime Minister Imran Khan will soon launch the Green Youth Movement (GYM).

This initiative is designed and structured for capacity building of youth which is one of the priorities of the current government. “The Nature internship programme will help the youth to join and learn from the foreign funded projects like PSLEP, Zero Emissions Metro Bus in Karachi and Climate Smart Agriculture. These projects are of high significance that will help to increase their abilities and generate innovative ideas,” the Adviser noted.

The Ministry, he said, was also going to launch Green Youth Movement (GYM) that would be inaugurated by the Prime Minister. “GYM is going to establish specialized environmental clubs that will be used to garner green (nature based) and innovative ideas from youth to conserve depleting environment through technology and nature.

The Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic H.E. Mr. Erik Beishembiev in his remarks highlighted the importance of protecting snow leopards. The event was attended by diplomats, officials from government and non-government organizations and students. The adviser and Kyrgyzstan Ambassador distributed mementos and certificates among the diplomats participating in the event and students FAST University who were the members of Generation FAST Snow Leopard Foundation.