Freelancers are heading towards becoming the regular jobholders since the modern trends are evident that the  Employers are only hiring those Freelancers who deliver the work on time and remain in constant contact with employers to be in their good books. Many newbies don’t know the basics of freelance Marketplaces therefore, lose the  Projects due to minor mistakes which cost them very heavy to sustain their  Project base.

The Following Seven secrets will help the Freelancers especially the Newbies to get a grip or hold on the  Freelance jobs or projects. The secrets are very important and considered the key to be the most successful Freelancer over the Internet since there are hundreds of Freelancers in various categories, but the only few freelancers pockets the perks of freelance Marketplaces while others manage to earn few bucks as part-timers to buy some goods and coffee.

1.Be Specific :

Being specific to the category you feel that you are very good at and don’t try meddle with multiple categories for which you have a minimum or zero skills to do the jobs. If you apply for such projects which are relevant to your experience and expertise, you may not succeed despite putting heart and  soul in the project but the  Employer is king, he may not accept the output  you have delivered through limited  Skills but the employer or buyer requires professionalism and the work should satisfy him as  per requirement. If you boast about yourself that you can do multiple things and when the project was awarded to you and you delivered the Poorest standard, you are likely to get bad marks from the buyers in form of Feedback. As some prospective buyers consider the feedback of any freelancer a key to hiring the freelancers from global freelancers pool.

2.Specify Your Work Hours and Deadline:

The most important point for the Freelancers to specify their working hour or weekly limit of maximum hours a freelancer could do any job. Since some  Buyers may require you to work full time as  Virtual Assistants (VA’s)  or  Project Managers as they remain busy in doing multiple things at a time. In such conditions, Be specific and clarify in the Cover letter or application if required by the buyer. You need not ignore the instructions of the buyer in job posting as some buyers may decline the applications,  then and there, if you ignored the instructions in the cover letter or bidding statement. Deadline is the point when you have to deliver the finessed and proofread document to the buyer on time, if you miss the deadline , ultimately, you will miss the train bound to your destination to be on time and deliver one time to be a successful Freelancer. In order to deliver on time, start early and finish before the deadline as it will create positive points than delivering the date.

3.Be Honest and Polite:

Being honest and  Polite is the key for successful Freelancer since if your brief the buyer about your skills in an honest way, then there are 100% chances that you may win the bid or be awarded the Project right away. The Politeness while communication gives the impression that you are a polished experienced and  Professional freelancers and ready to work for the project. The Polite request to offer some test service will further establish you as successful freelancers and you will be experiencing tons of Projects coming in your way.

4.Communicate Regularly and Update the status :

There are several buyers and each buyer gets the Projects done in their own way some remain close contact with Freelancer to pass the instruction for the service requested, whereas, some may contact you on the last day of the project for the output. But in both cases updating the buyers on a daily basis is very necessary to be able to win their trust and inclination to hire you for a longer period.You must check the dashboard regularly to ensure that you may have received any instruction or message from the buyer. Answer Immediately as being non-responsive freelancer creates the impression or idea that you are not interested or irresponsible Freelancer and may receive negative feedback for communication skills. Update the buyer about the project document, if .required, share the part you have completed for buyers Review.

5.Asking Questions for  Clearance :

If you have understood the requirements of the buyer then it is very nice. If you feel that you have some confusion about the project document or having any missing information then you must ask from the buyer to get it cleared before starting to work on the Assignment. As many questions as you could be related to the project to get it cleared so that you may not have to revise it when your buyer says that he wanted some points in it and you have not incorporated the same in the document. So, In order to escape such inconveniences, you must ensure that you have understood the details of the project and you are ready to start to work the project. Such gestures produce awesome results and the output is mostly accepted by the buyers if it was created by keeping the instruction in mind.

6.Proof Read for Errors, Bugs or Typo mistakes:

Before sending the documents to the buyer first ensure that the document you have created in free from the typo , grammar or infatuation or Capitalization mistakes. If you are freelance designers or Programmers, you must check it live whether the document has any programming errors or bugs so that you may fix them all and deliver an error-free and perfect document to the buyers. sometimes, you buyer gets annoyed to receive the document which may be full of grammatical and TYPO errors and may not accept the document and may not pay you for the services delivered since your product was not proofread and spellings checked or bugs fixed.

7.Profile update and Portfolio and Custom Bid:

The most important and the most rewarding point is that  you must have  an updated  portfolio on the  Freelance Marketplaces and you must mention those  skills  which you believe that you are good at and can display the example of  your  past work or  portfolio to make sure that you have  mentioned  only those  skills which have  already practised and got positive  feedback . In profile, you may give career goals, length of experience and skills, guarantees for standard and quality of the work and links to your Blog, content or websites you have worked for.

Don’t lie or boast too much, just presenting your skills to the buyers, would be enough. Always create custom cover letters or custom bid statement keeping in mind the instruction of the job post. If you ignore the instruction and use recycled or copy-pasted cover letter for all jobs, you will receive limited responses from the prospective buyers. In order to get positive responses, always create a custom bid or proposal for every new job you apply. Don’t use the same proposal or cover letter for multiple jobs.

So, freelancers, we are summing this discussion up  with following advice that  if you keep  above points in your mind  to enter the lucrative and boundless  world  of Freelance, I am certain that you will certainly rule the roost in freelance World  and I am afraid that seeing the great success  , you may give up your day job . but don’t make such blunder until you find enough resources and establish yourself as Professional freelancer over the Internet.