Freelance  Marketplaces are changing with the passage of time and every day , the new trends ,tools and frontiers are opening their doors  of opportunities for the  E-Workers for E-Business and earning E-currency . Millions of Freelance across the globe use the Freelance Marketplaces to explore the Freelance job stream and buyers around  the world outsource the services of Professionals and get their tasks or Projects done online  .
Thanks to  Internet , which has transformed the in house Workers into Virtual Workers or home based workers and provided them with  the Opportunity to earn their living  .Some Freelancers are earning even more than those who are working  in 9 to 5 Jobs in the offices . The new life style is being called the Dotcom Style which has engulfed almost every nation in the world .We  have  a series of  review  the Freelance Startup Marketplaces   and today we  are going to review the growing Freelance Marketplace for Freelancers  to sell their Skill based  Gigs ranging between $5 to $50 Dollars or can be called the Micro Jobs .  is the world’s biggest  freelance Marketplace for Selling the Gigs and earn Money . Freelance Professionals post their Gigs  and  prospective buyers  looking for the skills or service buy the gigs posted on .

Establishment and  The Founders was established  in year  2009 . The site was founded by  by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininge . The  offers the space to the Freelancers for selling their gigs starting from  the as less as $5 . The  Freelancers Sell their Gigs and buyers can easily buy the gigs posted by the freelance Professionals hailing from various countries of the world .

Registration and Membership

The  registration at is free fro the Freelancers to post their professional Gigs in the areas where they have great expertise  provided that the Gigs adhere to Policy of to maintain the Quality . The buyers  can register for free and purchase  the gigs at economical rates  . They can get their tasks completed through .

Gigs Categories  for  Freelancers and Buyers has  several categories  to where the Freelance Professional post their categories easily and Sell them on the Powerful platform  . There are about over one million Gigs posted on  by the Professional  Freelancers  . The Categories include :  Graphics & Design ,Online Marketing ,Writing & Translation ,Video & Animation ,Music & Audio, Programming & Tech, Advertising  ,Business and several other related  categories for the most demanded Skills .

Payments  for the Gigs Sell and Purchase

The Freelancers are  paid by the buyers  through  Credit Card or PayPal  where as  the  Freelance Gig Posters are paid by  by  Bank transfer or PayPal   . The payment gateway  is secure and requires fewer details and your are done . has been growing rapidly due to its  innovative  Business Model  of  Freelance Gigs or Micro Jobs as all other Similar Freelance website use Project posting and bidding format .

UPside is  the  biggest freelance marketplace to sell your skills based  Gigs at small amount of money so that your gigs can be purchased easily and quickly and you keep on receiving the money stream without applying for each new project posted on the  marketplace  . is providing you the service where the the employers contact the sellers and buy the gigs easily .

DownSide is the great freelance marketplace which offers the Professional Gigs  posted by Freelancers . lacks the feature of posting Projects unlike where  Freelancers can post gigs as well as apply or bid for the projects which maximizes the chances of freelancers to win the projects and earn extra money .  Besides ,project posting by buyers , must add Skrill , wire Transfer and payoneer as payment solution as in some countries PayPal is not supported  .

Future Trends and Analysis

With the rapid growth of the Web’s one of the best Freelance Marketplaces  ,it is estimated that   if maintained same  growth  , then it will surpass all the Competitors provided that it incorporates the suggestion made in this review in downside section . can further its growth by introduction ,project posting features and increasing the payment options so that freelancers can easily get paid  .