Social Media marketers always find new ways of social marketing and try their best to make the most of this amazing and free means of marketing. Millions of people all over the world are benefiting from this social medium of marketing and boost their sales at great scale by investing a few hours of their time over Social Networks .
The Media such as MySpace, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. Orkut and LinkedIn have opened the vistas of success for the budding businessman who use social media to increase their sales and update their customers as well as other network members to be aware of the company products, updates and improvements. Thus, your company always remains in touch with your customers as well as prospective customers and many other benefits.
We are going to review only twitter since it’s easy and powerful. The twitter has been very effective for the sites having frequently updated content, products and services. Many businesses can benefit from this important medium of social networking. The career and HR consultancy services can tweet the positions, the online marketplaces such as eBay and post their products and auctions on Twitter.
Social blogs such as,,, the etc make the most of the twitter by tweeting their blog posts and other tips to the twitter and increase their visitors base resulting increase in revenue. The twitter is also frequently used by news agencies such as AFP and Reuters to keep on updating the readers regarding breaking news etc. They also share their top stories through Twitter and amazing some of the newspaper have twitter edition of their newspaper besides papers and mobile versions.
Twitter is considered the faster way to reach massive readers provided that you have a sufficient number of followers who follow your tweets. You can follow hundreds of Twitter users thus getting them to follow you as well . It’s give and take business means if you follow other users and you will get them followed in return possibly. But you need to keep on tweeting on daily basis or on every blog post or article posting. Thus you are updating your readers as well as marketing your content at the same time.
Moreover, the twitter is frequently used by freelance marketplaces such as ,,, and to tweet their jobs to the massive freelancers so they may post their bids on the relevant projects or assignments. Twitter is also frequently used by politicians for their election campaigns. Twitter is a great social network which has developed to be the cash machine since many businesses have started monetizing the tweets and started making money instantly .