There  are  many  Ad networks  which claim to be  the best  in the industry when it comes  for the  revenue generation for the Bloggers, website owners  or Publishers   but very of  them  prove  to be  of  any benefit to the people  who are  looking for  to  monetize their ad  inventory for  their  content-rich blogs, social networks and  constantly  visited  websites  .

Mostly People  rely on  Text  or  banner Display  Networks  but  some also  go  for  in text adverting  or  Affiliate marketing  . Today  , we  are going to review  an Exclusive Adverting  website  which pays  its  members  by viewing the  Ads  on the website . Its  really amazing since  it does not need  any Blog or website  to  put some  ads  for  display .There  are  many features  of  attraction from lets  explore  them  .

 Features :  There are  many features  for both  members and  Advertisers  . The  Members  can register free and  get paid  by viewing the  websites  for  just 30 Seconds  . The  Advertisers  also  advertise  full page  ads  at very cheap rates  from the ways  the  Offers . The  members  can view  Ads  as  free  member  and  can earn more  if  they upgrade  their  account to premium level  .  Members can play  games  , register  domains or  even do  some  affiliate  income  .

 Payments  : Clixsense  Pays  the  members  by four  ways  which include  PayPal  , Alertpay  , Liberty Reserve  and  Cheque  , The  members are  also win cash through prizes  . Similar  the  Advertiser  pay  Clixsense  through Credit cards or  Paypal  . It is  very easy  to pay and get paid  at Clixsense . The  Advertisers  are  protected  trough  Strong Anti-Cheat Protection.

Pros :  The Clixsense is great place   for  those  who do not have  any Blog or  website to  earn great revenue  from  just  viewing  Ads  for  only  30 Seconds . The payments are  said to be guaranteed  .

 Cons :  The  Click fraud  issues  may be  numerous and  people  also question  the  reliability of  PTC  websites  since  many cases  of  Payment has been  reported  . Secondly  ,  Clixsense  must have  a  publisher feature  so that members  could  display ads  for their  Blogs and  Websites.

Future Trends and Analysis . From the  popularity of , it is  analyses  on the based  of  revenue as  well as  its  growing membership  that will be  most  successful website in future and  its  revenue will cross  in millions  as  the  pace  it  is  going on  . But one thing the  Clixsense  must consider  seriously  which may  cause  problems  Click Frauds and payments policy as  Any violation payment or  click policy may  drown  them .