Startups, as well as the Small businesses, need some web presence to market their services product online. The internet has been a great platform to attract more customers and increase your sales in order to establish a small business or startup.

In the beginning, due to lack of funds you may opt for a free website provider to announce your services or products however in order to build your credibility and online presence, it is necessary that you must have a paid website with premium.Com domain to represent your unique business identity as People understand the credibility from the quality of a website.

Free website with Poorly or ad-supported appearance irritate the visitors and you keep on losing your valued visitors or prospective buyers due to poor web design or look as well as other related features. The visitors after landing on your webpage quickly leave as web design or quality may not attract them to stay longer and quickly switch over other links. Free website page loading also slow and your website is also too long to remember such as etc.

Whereas paid websites and professionally designed appearance attract more customers and resulting from more sales and overwhelming revenue boosts. The paid websites are customer friendly since they are secured through an SSL certificate and the visitors feel relaxed to see that your WebPages are secured with SSL certification such as thwate or GoDaddy, etc. Paid websites also project your unique business domain and search engine index it the services you are offering thus the customer easily remember your domain and will keep on visiting your pages for latest offers and services. The paid domains are reliable and you are given 99.9% uptime guarantee by best hosting providers such as In Motion, web hosting Hub or Ipage. Good web hosts with multiple features and reliable uptime add value to your unique business.

Free website providers such as and are considered the best due to over million users and thousands sign up daily as free and then become premium members or switch over to other web hosting sites. Since the servers of free website hosts may go offline causing service break and customer frustration. Some free websites show header or footer advertisement such as Google ad sense which teases the visitors and spoils the design of your website.

Therefore, for reliable business, it is necessary that you should upgrade from free service to paid or premium status in order to enjoy more space, customer support and live help so that the customer may be protected from any sudden inconvenience and your business reliability may increase as the time goes by. Since the well-developed website may attract more customers as compared to poorly or simply designed website.