Paypal has been the most trusted and most secure Payments Solution online  . It is the first choice of the Freelancers to pay anyone or get paid Freelance Projects. It also powers the  Businesses worldwide to pay their clients, employees and get paid fast. Paypal had limited operations worldwide since Pakistan was not on the supported list, unlike stripe.

Though Paypal was available to India it did not have operations in Pakistan. This caused too much inconvenience for Pakistani Freelancers. The Paypal acquired which enabled it to expand its sercvices  to 150 countries including Pakistan.  is  the dream come true for freelancers in Pakistan since mostly  they struggled to withdraw fund brokers and paid heavy fees. Thanks to , it has solved the age-long problem of  Money Transfers to Pakistan from Paypal  . The regstration is very simple  .  You can either register with any email or  login with  your PayPal account. It is very simple .

The Money transfers to the Pakistani Banks  is also very simple ,fast and easy . All you to do is to select the country  , select the  Bank  and branch  code  and  insert your account details . The  Funds are  n your way to bank  . The experience is very easy as  if you are transfering the amount locally . The fees are also economical  .

Furthermore, you can also  send mobile load to any network of Pakistan Carriers through your Paypal balance or credit card attached to to Paypal account. has great potential to be  useful  Money transfer Option especially when you want to withdraw Paypal Funds in your Local Currency  . to Learn more  about  visit the link: